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Music Workshops, Festivals, Camps, Fiddle Contests

       American Festival of Fiddle Tunes (aka 'Fiddle Tunes')
       California Bluegrass Association (Grass Valley Festival / CBA on the Web)
       Kids on Bluegrass (sponsored by the California Bluegrass Association)
       Lark Camp (Lark in the Morning Music Festival)
       National Old-time Fiddle Contest (Weiser, ID)
       Valley of the Moon - Alasdair Fraser's Scottish Fiddling School

Other Local Music Teachers

(San Francisco Bay Area, Alameda county, Contra Costa county)

       CBA's Instructor List (CBA is the California Bluegrass Association)

Music Software

    RoniMusic.com -- Amazing Slow Downer
    BIAS Incorporated -- Makers of Peak and SoundSoap