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Music Studio Administrative Assistant

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Music workshop Assistant

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Music Studio Assistant / Administrative Assistant

I'm looking for a creative, self-motivated person. Someone with an artistic eye and ear. Able to work independently, but comfortable asking for help.

I've had administrative assistants, studio assistants, workshop assistants, and consultants work for me a number of times in the past, and it has proved quite rewarding.

I am an independent music instructor with nearly three decades of experience teaching violin, fiddle, guitar and mandolin in Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill, California. My private studio is currently located in Walnut Creek, near Broadway Plaza.

Presently I run every aspect of my business, creating virtually all of my teaching materials, including books, articles, charts, audio recordings, etc. ... and handling all promotional matters as well.

Schedule  ______________________________________________________

Part time: 4 - 16 hours a week. Possibly more soon.
Flexible hours: Monday thru Thursday mornings; possibly Tuesday eve, or Friday.
(Perhaps a few hours on an occasional Saturday.)
Telecommute: You may be able to do some work at home.

Workplace  ____________________________________________________

Walnut Creek (near Broadway Plaza)

Qualifications   _________________________________________________

I need someone who can:

• handle the various administrative tasks of a small business
• keep the everyday rigormarole under control
• assist in prioritizing and tracking projects
• promote and enroll music workshops two or three times yearly
  (help with last minute enrollment and orientation by attending part of the first class.)
• assist in moving several music publishing projects toward completion
• contribute on creative projects: writing, editing, graphics, web site, and music projects

You should have the following qualities and inclinations (sense of humor and assertiveness required.). For a good fit with this job, you need to be:

• deeply interested in making a difference in the field of music education
• able to work with limited direct supervision
• naturally curious
• likely to make suggestions toward improving work methods
• comfortable asking questions
• able to delegate and recruit extra help when necessary
• able to manage multiple projects and changing priorities
• comfortable working with distractions (perhaps a music lesson in the next room)
• on track with a history of achieving goals and meeting deadlines
• reliable, punctual, creative
• excellent in written communication and verbal skills. (Essential!)

Helpful skills (not required):

• ability to play a music instrument, particularly piano. (Did you ever think those piano lessons would help you land a job!?)

• ability to read music. If you play piano, sight read and/or learn by ear, you may contribute on many music projects:
     - creating and editing music notation
     - creating arrangements and reductions
     - working with MIDI and digital audio
     - assisting in recording projects, mixing, mastering CDs
     - proofreading transcriptions and arrangements.

• a basic understanding of music theory
• Macintosh experience very helpful. That's what we use here.

The lists above and below are extensive.You don't need to know everything. It's ideal if you are expert in certain areas listed above ... or proficient in many.

Willing to train right person

Description / Regular Work Activities  ____________________________

Everyday stuff  (may included but not limited to):
• All aspects of desktop publishing
• Business correspondence and announcements
• Editing correspondence, announcements, ads, articles, web site
• Scheduling, filing, tracking projects, database management
Special projects  (possibly frequent):
• Web Site maintenance and expansion (including an online forum)
          Home page is: www.singingwood.com
          CSS experience helpful.

• Digital Audio Projects:
          Two-Track (stereo ) or multi-track audio editing.
          (Peak, Digital Performer, or Pro Tools)
          Multi-track recording (Digital Performer, Pro Tools, Logic)
• MIDI and Music Notation
         Transcription and notation
         Final mix downs of MIDI VST software synths to digital audio & MP3

• Graphics:
          Photo editing (Photoshop)
          Vector Graphics (Adobe Illustrator, Postscript, Flash)

• Editing:
          Proof reading: articles, charts, books, web pages.
Long range tasks  (sky's the limit here, may include):
• Enrolling classes and workshops (handling e-mail announcements; designing or updating class filers, creating an online enrollment form; maintaining database of current and potential students )
• Publishing and promoting music books and CDs
• Completion of interactive online music software
• Animating music theory (probably with Macromedia Flash)

   Software and Technology (applications regularly used):

   • Important: Adobe GoLive, HTML, Cascading Style Sheets.
   • Helpful: Macromedia DreamWeaver, Flash, Fireworks

Graphics and Desktop Publishing
   • Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop,
   • ClarisWorks, Pages, Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker

Music & Audio
   • Music notation: Encore, Sibelius, Overture or Finale
   • Digital Audio: MOTU Digital Performer, Peak, Pro Tools, Logic
   • CD mastering, Peak, Jam, Toast

Programming / Music Software Development / Software Engineering

   • Important: HTML, AppleScript (AppleScript Studio)
   • Helpful: Java, JavaScript, C++, ActionScript, Lingo, Visual Basic, MS .Net

Please apply online by submitting an resume by email.

Links to resume, portfolio and/or web page appreciated):

       applications @Singingwood.com

Thanks, John Blasquez
Singingwood Music, Owner

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Music Workshop Assistant

I'm looking for regular and occasional assistants for the next run of my Acoustic Instruments 101 or Horizon Workshop ... Possibly Fiddling for Violinists. Workshops are held in Walnut Creek on Tuesday nights. Usually they run from late August thru December, and from January to June. I don't hold weekly workshops in the summer.

These workshops teach rehearsal and performance skills and other aspects of musicianship. Many of the workshop members have little or no experience in rehearsing and performing. Your role would be to help coach and lead various groups, get them to cooperate musically; have them to hone one or more pieces of music for a performance at the end of the evening. The size of each group usually between three and seven people.

Workshop members play the guitar, fiddle, mandolin ... Possibly banjo, bass, harmonica ... You don't need to play all of these instruments, but if you're skilled at one or more, you may be the perfect person if you have some experience in the following areas:

• old-time, bluegrass and folk repertoire
• one-on-one or group teaching experience
• ability to learn by ear
• band experience (rehearsing and performing)
• read treble clef and tablature notation
• improvise solos and backup
• know how to create arrangements and solos
• think on your feet and contribute musical arrangements
• create attainable musical challenges for students
• teaching people to act independently and cooperatively

There are two assistants in the Horizon Workshop, and they are wonderful at motivating members, guiding rehearsals, and performing with the workshop members.

Acoustic Instruments meets every other week, probably on Monday or Tuesdays evenings — six weeks over three months.

Please apply online. If you have the necessary skills and you're earnestly interested you may email your resume or a link to it. Please include a link to samples of your music accomplishments.

Contact by email: applications@Singingwood.com

Thank you!

John Blasquez

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Please send resume and links to online portfolio by email: applications @Singingwood.com
And please call John at 925-935-9295.

Thank you!

John Blasquez

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